Star Power by Darnell Weatherspoon

 Remembering Albert, some say it was in his hair

 He used a chalkboard to describe things we never knew were there


 Helen the activist, author and lecturer who was thought to be blind

 Displayed a power even today that still blows people’s mind 


 And Martin who spoke with such a eloquent voice

 Paving the way for others who were never given a choice


And this Mother took her faith to an all time high

Who was humbled by humanity and not by what she could buy


He was named Abraham and yes he was the father of many

 He proved to a nation that his worth was much more than just a penny


A little girl named Harriet grew up watching a huge bright star

She was part of a movement that moved from above to afar


Leonardo is considered to be the greatest painter of all time

His brushes still escape those looking everywhere but will never find


 I could spend a lifetime going over this ever growing list

This is one for the ages you surely don’t want to miss  


 If you drop by the Longwood Writers Guild and have a seat

Here you’ll find that Star Power just waiting for you to meet


 Find Your Star Power


Darnell Weatherspoon


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